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DVD Review: Hab It: Pelvic Floor

DVD Review: Hab It: Pelvic Floor

PT Partners, 2008
DVD, 1 hour 42 minutes, $29.95

Reviewed by Molly Remer, MSW, CCCE

Most women, and certainly all birth professionals, are aware of the importance of the pelvic floor. Less well-known are methods and exercises beyond the basic “Kegel” to strengthen and rehabilitate weakened pelvic floor muscles. Hab It: Pelvic Floor is a physical therapy DVD specifically targeting the pelvic floor. It is designed for women who are experiencing incontinence, prolapse, or pelvic floor pain. It is also a preventative tool for women to avert the development of these distressing issues.

Hab It: Pelvic Floor begins with an anatomy overview and Kegel explanation/instruction and moves into correct postural positioning. The DVD contains four progressive workouts each more than 20 minutes long and also “time efficient” versions of each workout. Each workout is coached by physical therapist Tasha Mulligan while being demonstrated by another woman. All of the information is clearly presented and easy to follow and the instructor is pleasant and earnest. The DVD comes with an exercise band for use during some of the exercises and no other equipment or props are required.

A very thorough and complete resource for any woman of any age, Hab It: Pelvic Floor is a relevant, interesting, and worthwhile addition to the libraries of doulas, childbirth educators, and anyone who cares about women’s health.

Note: The DVD is not designed specifically for use by pregnant women and there are several exercises that are not compatible with pregnancy—it is ideal for pre or post-pregnancy however!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the DVD for review purposes.

Wordless Wednesday: Wallowing in Books

Anyone who knows me in person knows how much I love books! I joke with my husband about feeling like I need some time just to “wallow” in all my books. This past weekend, I finally did exactly that—got out all the birth and childbirth education books that are my favorites or that I’ve been wanting to look through again, spread them all around me and just enjoyed 🙂 (while I love being a book reviewer, one drawback is that I spend so much time reading NEW good books that I don’t have a chance to re-read old favorites!) Notice there are also books on the couch behind me AND in a big stack on the end table next to the couch—these are not books I got out for wallowing purposes, but are currently in-process/being used books! And, yes, that large box next to me is full of books and also has books on top (these are kids’ books mailed to us recently though, not birth books). I also feel like pointing out that this is not a very figure-flattering dress I’m wearing and though, yes, I am pregnant, I am not really as big as I look in the picture.

So much for Wordless!