Helpful Organizations

Local Resources

La Leche League of Rolla

Doulas Serving the Rolla Area

Rolla Area Groups for Mothers


I am a member of and/or certified or trained by the following wonderful organizations

Sacred Pregnancy

The Amethyst NetworkSeals_SPInstructor

La Leche League

LLL of Rolla

Friends of Missouri Midwives

Missouri Midwives Association

Childbirth & Postpartum Professionals Association

Birthing from Within

Doulas of North America (DONA)

Association of Labor Assistants & Childbirth Educators (ALACE)

Association of Independent Childbirth Educators

International Childbirth Education Association


Other organizations whose missions I respect and admire include:

BirthWorks Mollyblessingway 055

Attachment Parenting International

Citizens for Midwifery



Childbirth International

Holistic Moms Network

National Association of Mothers’ Centers

Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

Angel Whispers (pregnancy loss)


6 thoughts on “Helpful Organizations

  1. Hi April,

    Thank you! I hadn’t visited the Dar a Luz site before. What a great idea and wonderful resource for families. Thanks for directing me to it.

    Best wishes,


  2. I just wanted to comment that I see a lot of childbirth education organizations, but one that is missing is Hypnobabies.

    It is a great method that is a complete childbirth class which teaches real medical hypnosis techniques, creating an automatically peaceful, relaxing and more comfortable pregnancy, a calm confident Hypno-Dad, and an easier, fearless and often pain-free birthing for our Hypno-Mom.

    If you want to see my pain-free birth story check out

    I would highly recommend them for your list!!

  3. Molly,

    I want to commend you for the wonderful work you are providing for parents! As you very well know, new parents – and even some experienced ones – need reassurance and guidance from those who truly have their best interests at heart and who know a thing or two about the birth process. Kuddos to you for helping families have a wonderful birth experience.

    In the event you have families who experience a pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or neonatal loss, I would like to reccommend a resource – Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support. We currently have nearly 100 groups across the country and our resources and support services are free of charge. Please visit our website at or feel free to email me with any questions.

    Take care,

    Megan Nichols
    National Share Office

    • Hi Megan,

      I updated my list to include Share. Thank you for commenting. Share is indeed a wonderful resource and I actually hope to start a local support group in my area in the next two years (my own loss experience was only nine months ago, so I don’t qualify to train for it yet). I have a separate blog in which I write about miscarriage and pregnancy loss: I am surprised by how few childbirth educators seem to write about the subject of pregnancy loss.

      Best wishes,


  4. Hi! What a wonderful list you have shared with readers.

    I wanted to share with you a small website, still growing, but has such as strong team behind it.
    They have gone as far as entering NASCAR contest that would put their design on a real car at a NASCAR race. Their design included “Tiny Angels Need Special Care” … They are trying to make people aware of pregnancy issues that most books don’t mention or may mention a small snippet about the issue.
    The team behind the story are good friends of mine.


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