Mammal Birth

At the LLL of MO conference this month, I attended several wonderful sessions by Diane Wiessinger who makes the connection between giving birth on a woman’s own terms contributing to an easy breastfeeding relationship. She also emphasized the fact that we are mammals and just like other mammal mothers certain things contribute to or detract from our ability to give birth in a safe and healthy manner.

Diane shares the following description of why your baby’s birth matters:

“A trip to a strange place with strange smells. Bright lights, busy people. Numbness. A carefully cleaned and wrapped baby who doesn’t stay with Mama. Any other mammal would reject her baby after a beginning like that. Which means that most American mothers have to welcome their newborns with their heads and not their hearts. Not the best start for confident mothering. Not the best start for breastfeeding. Not the best start for love.”

She also says, “Don’t be fooled by the Birth Channel. A normal birth is not a medical event or a source of horrible pain. It happens on its own, with the woman moving in whatever way feels right to her, feeling the labor and feeling–being–in charge. Find someone who will support this.”

Read more of Diane’s insights on her website.

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