Rolla Area Groups for Mothers

Forming supportive networks with other women is something that is important to most women. These contacts are especially important for new mothers. Early motherhood can be a very isolated time. A time in which massive changes are occurring in your family, your personal life, your identity, your relationship, and so forth. Rolla has several support groups available for local mothers:

La Leche League of Rolla, a mother-to-mother group for breastfeeding mothers or women who plan to breastfeed, is available with monthly meetings (informal get togethers with babies and toddlers welcome!) , an email discussion list, and free phone or email help for breastfeeding support.

Mindful Mothers is a group for mothers with children of all ages who wish to make informed parenting choices, including natural birth, attachment parenting, gentle discipline, holistic health care, nutritious whole foods, and environmentally conscious living. (This is a welcoming, supportive environment, you do not have to do everything “holistic” or “natural” in order to be welcomed into the group!)

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)–the local chapter has twice monthly meetings at First Christian Church. The first Thursday of the month there is a speaker and the third Thursday there is a “creative activity.” Childcare is provided during the meetings.

If you know of a local mothers’ group that is available, but not listed here, please email me and let me know!

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