Finding Your Question

Another concept I like from Birthing from Within is that of, “finding your question.” Really, it is your question in response to the question, “what is it I need to know to give birth?” This question was personally meaningful to me during each of my pregnancies. During my first pregnancy, my question was simply, “Can I do this?” I felt like birth was a “test” that I had to pass and that I needed to make sure to study for so I could “pass” it well! After giving birth, I realized that it hadn’t really been a test, but was instead really a rite of passage.

With my second pregnancy, I revisited the concept of finding my question and it was, “Can I mother another?” I finally answered this question for myself late one evening (while not in labor and resigned to being “pregnant forever”) and less than four hours after that I was holding my baby in my arms! 🙂

My personal experiences have led me to believe that finding your question can have important implications for your birth and it is an interesting concept to consider.

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