Birth Talk Podcast

Late last month I participated in a fun podcast interview with childbirth educator Donyale Abe of Birth Talk. You can download the podcast here. We had a great time chatting about birth, fear, homebirth, educating women, ACOG’s statement against homebirth, and our passion for birth and for talking with other women about birth! The audio is a little difficult to hear sometimes when I am talking (maybe that is just on my computer).

As a funny side note, the whole reason this blog ended up being called “Talk Birth” instead of “Birth Talk” is because when I went to get a gmail address, “birthtalk” was already taken. So, I settled for my second choice, “talkbirth.” Later, I set up this site/blog and called it the same thing as my gmail address for consistency 🙂 Then, several months after that I ended up making contact with Donyale via some blog posts I’d made and discovered during our emails to each other that lo and behold, SHE was the person who has the “birthtalk” gmail address I’d originally tried to get! How funny!

One thought on “Birth Talk Podcast

  1. I really enjoyed the podcast! I could hear both voices just fine. I have been a listener of Donyale’s for a few months now, downloading her podcast through iTunes. I was very pleased to hear this episode, and glad you mentioned that you had a blog. This is my third pregnancy, and although I wanted a home birth, I was told not to by my doctor as I have a large kidney stone that could present a problem. So I am determined to get a doula in my area who can advocate for me to at least have freedom of movement while in the hospital.

    I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work!

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