What’s at the root?

On a discussion board this week in the birth professionals section (doulas, midwives, birth educators), someone asked the question “what’s at the root of your love of birth?” I was still for a moment and let my intuitive, heart-felt, gut level response come to me and it was this:


Women’s health, women’s issues, women’s empowerment, women’s rights.

Social justice.


And, that feeling. The “birth power” feeling–that laughing/crying, euphoric, climbed-the-mountain, glowing, rapture…feeling. The transformative, empowering, triumphant, powerful, I DID IT, feeling.

I want all women to have the chance to experience that.

As I look at my list above and invert it, it becomes my “tree” of birthwork–with women as the root and then spreading up to blossom with that birth-power-feeling. 🙂

To any birth professionals reading this, how about you? What’s at the root for you?

3 thoughts on “What’s at the root?

  1. I’ve come to the point that I think I know where my birth passion comes from. I believe that we lived with God before we came to earth. He is our Father, and we are His children. We also have a Mother. This birth work is an eternal connectedness that I feel. It began before I came to this earth, and I feel it will continue. It ties me together with what was before, and what will be. It is sacred work.

    That is the root of my birth passion.

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