Fathers at Birth Book

Today, I was extremely excited to learn about a new book called Fathers at Birth by Rose St. John. I am really looking forward to reading it and I think there is a deep need for a book like this in the birth community. I am mindful of the need to include father-specific information in my birth classes, but I find it difficult sometimes to locate many good resources for fathers, or to develop class content that engages fathers in a relevant and connected way.

I will post more when I’ve read it!

Edited to add: I posted more about this book and fathers at birth here.

One thought on “Fathers at Birth Book

  1. Parenting is beautiful .Especially when a father steps up to do it.Because there are so many missconceptions.You are right there is a one sided feel to alot of the resources out ther.However there is a website for fathers wanting to get custody of there children dads listen up http://www.fatherforfamilies.com

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