Benefits of Childbirth Education

People sometimes wonder what are the benefits of childbirth education. Classes can seem expensive and they wonder what they will get out of them. The main question that researchers have examined is whether classes reduce labor pain (inconclusive). I have a book called Labor Pain that cites research indicating that classes do reduce the need for medication during labor. According to the same book, though study results do not always agree, various researchers have also found:

  • possible decrease in length of labor
  • lower levels of uterine dysfunction requiring augmentation
  • fewer cases of elevated blood pressure
  • “less maternal illness and less use of antibiotics after birth”
  • “more stable heart rate readings in babies during labor”
  • “more involvement by partners”
  • “more positive feelings about birth and giving birth among women attending”
  • less pain during labor
  • “less frequent use of forceps at delivery”
  • “greater awareness at birth”
  • “more enjoyment of birth for women who had attended classes than for those who had not”

Sounds like there are lots of benefits to taking birth classes! 🙂

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