Comfort Measures & Labor Support Strategies

From the book Special Women by Polly Perez. I thought this was a helpful, quick review of things to try when assisting a woman in labor:

“When assessing labor pain consider the following:

Remember ‘When in doubt check it out.’

Ask the mother the following questions.

What’s going through your mind

Is there something you are afraid of?

What do you think will help?

Tell me how you feel.

Encourage the mother to empty her bladder hourly.

Make sure the mother remains well hydrated.

Encourage the mother to relax her voluntary muscles in her buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and pelvic floor.”image016

Also consider trying these positions during birth:









hands and knees




supported squat

sitting on  a birth ball

2 thoughts on “Comfort Measures & Labor Support Strategies

  1. Keep these posts coming! Though I’ve got 4 months left to gestate our baby, I need four more months of mental preparedness, like these coaching tips!

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