Birth as a Rite of Passage

Part of my philosophy of birth is that it is a significant rite of passage for women, men, and families, not a medical event, emergency, or health crisis. I recently finished working through The Pink Kit and the little book that came with it had some thoughts to share on this subject in the “final word” segment of the book:

We would like to warn you against expecting a ‘perfect birth,’ or for that matter anything in particular, except that you will get through it, with your baby–just about everyone does, no matter what they know and do!

The fact is, there is no such a thing as a ‘perfect life.’ Think about what life passages you may have undergone so far–cutting teeth, starting school, menstruation, the first sexual experience, loved ones dying.

Birthing is also a rite of passage–into parenthood–and like any other passage, it comes upon us and we just have to deal with it. It’s an awe-inspiring experience, and it would be perfectly natural to want to prepare in some way. And you can do that. But to some extent the experience is still out of your control.

Giving birth is definitely the most significant and impactful rite of passage of my life–it is the the gateway to motherhood, which has been the single most life-changing role I’ve had. I believe that this significant, transitional, rite of passage is worthy of appropriate level of awe, respect, and preparation. It is a sacred passage. Accordingly, I also believe the birthing woman should be treated with reverence and respect.

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