The Daddy Brain

Two media items caught my eye today that relate to fathers. One was a short clip from “DadLabs: taking back paternity” called “Are birth classes worth it for dads?” The clip debates whether men belong in birth classes–as a birth educator who strives really hard to “reach” men in my birth classes, I was holding my breath on this one! They talk to several fathers, mothers, and one doula. I think the conclusion seemed to be that birthing classes are important and dads can benefit from them, but I’m not totally sure because the two hosts were kind of arguing about it!

The second piece was an article from Greater Good Magazine called The Daddy Brain. The article is about a stay-at-home dad and also addresses biology and child-rearing. A section I liked explains:

“In researching my new book, The Daddy Shift, I read every word I could find in peer-reviewed scholarly journals about caregiving fathers, breadwinning moms, and the science of sexual difference. I also interviewed dozens of parents….Here’s what I discovered: Where once it was thought that the minds and bodies of men were hardly affected by fatherhood, today scientists are discovering that fatherhood changes men down to the cellular level. [emphasis mine] For more than a century, it was assumed that mothers, not fathers, were solely responsible for the care, life chances, and happiness of children. In recent years, however, we have discovered that father involvement is essential to a child’s well being, and that dads provide unique kinds of care and play that mothers often do not.”

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