Childbirth Education Mnemonic Devices

Thanks to the word “tulip,” used by my Western Civilization professor in 1996, I will never forget the 5 basic beliefs of Calvinism. This is an example of a mnemonic device that was (to me) apparently unforgettable. In March of this year, I took the ICEA childbirth educator certification exam. I studied compulsively for the exam and came up with a couple of mnemonic devices (word tricks that help you remember things) for several birth-related anatomy terms that I was otherwise having trouble remembering.

1. “What do you want for Isthmus [Christmas]?”  “A lower uterine segment!”

2. “Brady’s always been a little slow…” (said with a sort of sympathetic grimace. This helped me remember the difference between bradycardia [too slow FHT] and tachycardia [too fast]).

3. “I schitt on my tuberosities” (not pronounced quite as bad as it looks, draw out the “sch.” This helps me remember that the ischial tuberosities are the “sitting bones” at the bottom of the pelvis–I was getting them confused with the iliac bones and perhaps with the ischial spines).

4. And less interesting and more classic, that arteries carry blood *away* from something (both start with A) and veins carry blood to it.

5. I remember the three layers of the uterus by using the start of the word to remind me of its location. Endometrium is on the INside (end–>in). Perimetrium is on the perimeter (the outside. Words both start with “peri”). And, myometrium is in the middle–both start with “m.”

These are the ones that have come to mind right now. Does anyone else have any devices to add that they use for terms like this?

I’d like to find one for the 7 cardinal movements!

2 thoughts on “Childbirth Education Mnemonic Devices

  1. Hi,

    Your post is amazing and also very useful. I have a blog about mnemonic devices and you know how to teach it. I always use mnemonic devices to learn and I use it all day, so I’ve decided to start a blog about this. I think I will come back very soon to share more ideas. Sorry, I don’t have one for the 7 cardinal movements 🙂

    Thank you,
    John from Mnemonic Devices – The Revision Guy

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