Beautiful Homebirth Slideshow

Today I was sent a link to a lovely homebirth slideshow (scroll down through the photos and story to get to the slideshow link—-the story is worth reading too. It has some good observations about why birth matters: “If you have scene the movie The Business of Being Born there is a seen where one of the OBs being interviewed states in so many words that the process of birth is unimportant that it’s the outcome that is important – a healthy baby and a healthy mom. And while he is correct that a healthy baby and a healthy mom are always the most important end result he is dead wrong about the process. The process matters – -immensely. Physically the birth process is extremely important for the long term health of the mother and the baby, emotionally and psychologically the birth process will affect a woman for the rest of her life.” Can I just say, Amen!)

I absolutely love the joyful expressions on the mother’s face immediately after birth. So beautiful! Plus, it brings that feeling from my own births back to me. On Labor Day, CAPPA posed the question:

“Happy ‘LABOR’ day from CAPPA. What I loved about labor was________________!”

My response was: The feeling of personal power at the end—the “I climbed my mountain,” I DID IT feeling. And that moment of ecstasy of holding my new baby and saying, “my baby, my baby, oh my baby” over and over πŸ™‚ Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it!

Watching the slideshow above, also brought the memory of that same “my baby, my baby” rapture back to me.

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