Pelvic Bodywork

I’ve added a new option to my single night class offerings. I am also available to give this session to small groups (doulas, etc.) The following is the class description:

Use external bony landmarks on your own pelvis to “map” your pelvis and explore the types of birthing positions that work best for your unique body. Pelvic mapping increases your comfort level with your body and your confidence in the space and flexibility available for birth. Figuring out the shape of your pelvic outlet  helps you understand how your baby might use the space within to move through. You will explore the positions that help you feel open-—these are not the same for every woman. Knowing your own pelvis helps you use positions most appropriate for your own anatomy.

We will also learn several skills for birthing that work with the anatomy of the bony pelvis to create more space for the baby as well as skills to work with body sensations and internal relaxation.  If you are a pregnant woman, these are great skills to bring with you to birth. If you are a doula, these are great skills to have in your doula “toolbox.” If you are a childbirth educator or midwife, these are good skills to show to your clients prior to labor. If there is time, we will also learn a breath awareness strategy for releasing pelvic tension during labor.

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