Yesterday, a friend/colleague and I toured a possible studio space to rent in Rolla. We do not have a particularly clear idea of what we’d like to do exactly, but we have both long felt the desire to create a “women’s resource center” as well as to have a dedicated “birth studio” for our birthwork (she is a doula and I’m a birth educator and soon to be prenatal yoga teacher). The space felt perfect and was in our exact price range. I left feeling tremendously excited and inspired about the possibilities. Later that evening, the doubts, realities, and fears started to crowd in—I do not want to live a fear-based life, but I also want to be “practical” (which can be a handicap as well as an asset). I have too much to do already, etc., etc. In February, after my miscarriages, I took a personal renewal retreat in which I kept my computer off for 5 days and spent the time nurturing myself and doing those many things I always say I “really want to do.” During that time, I spontaneously wrote a description in my notebook of the women’s center I envision. So, this morning I opened up my notebook and re-read my “vision” there. I want to share it now and continue to explore the possibilities angle of the studio opportunity, rather than get bogged down in fears and self-doubts:

I visualize a center. A place where women can come together to learn, to talk, to develop, to grow. A safe place. A nurturing place. A supportive place. Hostess to LLL meetings, book clubs, birth circle, birth info nights, prenatal yoga classes, birth classes, birth art workshops, pregnancy retreats, journaling workshops, craft classes, crafty mamas meetings, a miscarriage support group, postpartum mamas support group, birth counseling/consultation sessions, dancing for birth, prenatal bellydance, drop-in support chats, blessingways, red tent events, meet the doulas night, Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal groups, women’s spirituality circles, playgroups, baby massage classes, baby/tot yoga, girls’ coming of age classes, an ICAN chapter, Friends of Missouri Midwives meetings. A gathering place. A woman’s place.

It will have a large, open meeting room, access to a bathroom and another, smaller room that could be an office, consult room, or playroom. We will have counter space to plug in some minimal cooking implements (like a microwave). There will be comfy couches, chairs, toys, a lending library of books and films as well as perhaps toys/games/puzzles. There will be big pillows on the floor and beautiful art all over the walls. Other women wishing to have groups/classes for women, could also use the space for their groups/events.

Think we can do it? (And, if so, what can I not do to make space in my life for it? šŸ˜‰ )

In a way, my vision is that this will be that classic “room of one’s one” that every woman needs access to. WomanSpace.

19 thoughts on “WomanSpace

    • But, I’m SCARED! ;-D I keep returning to the question, “what would I do if I knew I could not fail?” because I know what my answer to that question is…

  1. Beautiful! I love your vision of a WomanSpace. This is exactly the type of vision I have for a place where women can come together for education, support groups and sharing. Here’s to you stepping out away from the doubts and fears that hold you back, to bring your vision to life.

  2. I have often dreamed of something like this. My dream also included something that included all stages of a woman’s life. I wanted to call it a Woman’s Place. Mostly to play off of a woman’s place is in the kitchen….LOL so a man wouldn’t be interested in coming šŸ˜‰

    Some was to teach the “craft” of being a woman and sharing the wisdom that use to be shared from old to young that we for several generations have missed out on.

    I doubt if I will ever actually have that dream with the twists and turns that my life has taken so I wish you all the very best with your idea.

    • Belinda–that was actually my other idea for a name for it. Like you, kind of play on “a woman’s place is in the home.” I don’t know if now is the right time for me or not, but I do see my vision eventually becoming reality!

  3. What a wonderful place this will be. A haven, a source of love and light and learning. A place to gather and to sow.
    I hope it can happen. I’d love to help.

    Think about what you’re afraid of. Is it failure? Is it taking on too much? It is finances? Is it a combination of many things? Name your fears and consider each one. Is it alone enough to keep you from following your heart? Are they all together bigger than your dream? Is now THE time? If not, when? If not this place then where?

    You’re a wise woman, Molly. Follow your dream.

    • Thank you, Mary Alice. I am worried about taking on too much, whether it is the right season of my life, etc. I’m getting pretty invested with Columbia College and that is a path I want to follow, but it also brings me to a “maxed out” place with other commitments.

  4. where is this so I can come!
    Seriously though, do what you love, not what you feel you have to do, it will al fall into place.
    I wish conscious birthing would come over to Europe. There are no or hardly any of the things you describe in Belgium. I think there’s one prenatal yoga class in Brussels and about a handful doulas for the entire country
    Blech. Maybe I should just have my next birth in another country

  5. I have been wishing for some time that there was a place like that around here for me to go to. I say go for it! Maybe one day I’ll be in a place where I can start something like that in my town…but first I have to meet women who would be interested.

  6. I so see you making any building space become this. Let me know what I can do to assist or even help decorate. You inspire me in so many ways Molly.

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