150 Word Birth Story

Birthing Magazine had a contest recently involving birth stories in 150 words. I edited my second son’s story down and submitted it and it was published in their summer issue. I wanted to go ahead and share the super-abbreviated story of Z’s birth here also:

Open channel
Feeling a familiar sharper edge to my contractions, I woke my husband and got my birth ball. The contractions suddenly picked up to one minute apart. I hung on my husband during contractions and felt some pressure. I reminded myself to be a clear, open channel for birth. I said, “It’s okay baby, you can come out!”

I dropped to my hands and knees, saying, “This is MAJOR!” I talked myself down out of feeling out of control with an ongoing chant of, “It’s okay, I’m okay, it’s okay.” I pushed a little and my water broke.

Zander’s head was fully crowning as our midwife came in. I pushed him out and as I held him, I saw that he was a boy. I could barely believe that after two hours of labour, my baby was here! Zander weighed nine pounds, two ounces.


The much longer version of his birth story is here.

The benefit of participating in the contest is that I discovered what a super-cool resource Birthing Magazine is. It has TONS of great content and I’m excited to read the whole issue!

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