My Message?

The Orgasmic Birth fan page on Facebook was having a giveaway and to enter the contest the following question was posed:

You are given the chance to speak to the world about childbirth. What is your message?

What a great question! This was my response (as I re-read it, I see I answered as if I was only speaking to one person and not the world. Darn it. I want to speak to the world!):

Birth can be a beautiful, powerful, joyful celebration and a transformative experience. Women’s bodies have a deep knowing of how to give birth and I encourage you to choose a birth setting the supports the unfolding of this knowledge. Women can safely and joyfully give birth in any setting, but freedom, privacy, individualized care, and respect make a HUGE amount of difference in how readily you will be able to have the birth you imagine–so, choose carefully. You do have options. This baby will only be born once, so don’t wait for “next time” to have the birth that you and your baby both deserve.

The needs of mothers and babies during birth are intimately entwined–what is good for mother is also good for babies. Do not ever be misled into thinking that you have to choose between a “good birth” or a “healthy baby”–good, satisfying births are exactly the kind that are most likely to produce that healthy baby!

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