Recommendation: Luna Protein Bar

So, I’m a big one for recommending books, but not usually so big on recommending other products. I am also very careful about what samples/product information I give out during my classes. There are ethical issues with distributing just any old sample that someone sends you because you are a childbirth educator. However, I do have a snack recommendation for today! I regularly get samples of mini Luna bars to give away during my classes. I like putting them into my client packets—they make them look exciting and “goody”-ish :)—and, I also like putting a little pile of them on the table for people to snack on during class. (I also bring them to my various mother’s group meetings for the same purpose.) Some time ago, Luna Bar sent me a single full-size sample of their new Luna Protein bar. It was really quite good and since then I have bought them at the store when I’m grocery shopping and start casting my eye towards the candy bar aisle. The Luna Protein bar actually has a candy-bar-ish appeal (kind of “nougat” in the center and chocolate on the outside), but is made from mostly organic ingredients and things with actual nutritional value and is good for you as well as pretty tasty. So, I was VERY excited today to see UPS arrive with my regular shipment of mini Luna Bars AND, surprise!, a big box of full-size Luna Protein bars for my classes! They included three different varieties (cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate cherry). <happy dance> 🙂

5 thoughts on “Recommendation: Luna Protein Bar

  1. And what kind of protein do they contain? Soy isolate has very high concentrations estrogen mimicking compounds (these are not found in tradition soy products due to fermentation procedures). And whey protein isolate contains oxidized cholesterol, which are bodies do not process well and create problems (such as artery hardening and increase lipid blood levels).

  2. Our doula handed these out at our last birthing class. They were really good. I’m looking for something low carb to carry in my bag in case I wind up in a long labor where I’m allowed to eat. I was worried that the chocolate or peanut butter might be too hard to handle if I end up vomiting. Just wanted your take on it.

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