Childbirth Education Curriculum Preparation Resources

Recently, I received a question from a new childbirth educator seeking resources for developing her class curriculum. I emailed her back with a couple of ideas and thought I would also share them here. Here are several of the most useful tools I’ve discovered for birth class curriculum development:

  • Prepared Childbirth, The Family Way: Educator’s Guide (from
  • The teaching manuals sold (very affordably) by ICEA are EXTREMELY useful: Family-Centered Education: The Process of Teaching Birth is one of my favorites as is Teaching Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting. If you can get the ICEA Educator’s Guide, it is quite useful too (they used to sell it for around $7, but I don’t see it on their site right now).
  • Empowering Women: Teaching Active Birth, by Andrea Robertson is a class resource for developing birth classes—can be hard to find lately though.
  • I love The Pink Kit for all kinds of strategies and information about the pelvis and working with pelvic mobility.
  • Transition to Parenthood has a full curriculum outline available online as well as several great handouts and activities.

The ICEA resources have been my overall favorite, though I’ve added things from all kinds of other sources, as no single resource everything I want to share in a class-—I add information from all kinds of books, videos, reading, journal articles, etc. Every class I teach is a little bit different because I add and subtract things all the time! I only have one page outline for each week of class and it is PLENTY. I do not use power points or anything like that. Just me, lots of hands-on activities, a few visual aids, and the rapport established with my clients.

Good luck with your journey and enjoy making these classes your own!

4 thoughts on “Childbirth Education Curriculum Preparation Resources

  1. Thank you for being so generous, I too am a new Lamaze certified CBE, looking to put together my first class for this fall. The is so helpful!

    Jessica Morell, MA, CD(DONA), LCCE, CMP, ICPFE —

  2. I am wondering what are the requirements for starting a New Childbirth Education course. Meaning creating a brand new one. Do you need to follow certain curriculum, certify with a board? DO you have any information on this?

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