Comparing Belly Pictures

I’ve been looking at pix from my other pregnancies and felt like doing a belly comparison post:

Here at am at 19.5 weeks with baby #1:

I’m so young! And, I weighed 126 pounds in this picture! (those are regular, non-maternity jeans)

Here is my 20 week picture with baby #2 (we lived in our temporary shop/garage-house at this point, which is why the lovely backdrop):

I didn’t make it to 19 weeks with my third baby, but I don’t want to leave him out, so here is a 12 week picture from my third pregnancy:

And, finally, below is a 19 week picture from my fifth pregnancy. Yay us! (and, by the way, I definitely do not weigh 126 pounds!) Lann took this one:

And then, I stuck my belly out and took a self-portrait of myself:


3 thoughts on “Comparing Belly Pictures

  1. so cute! I miss my baby belly. My favorite is my 7th month shot of my second pregnancy. I was at an art show, and everyone there was convinced that I was going to give birth right there in the floor. It was hilarious. I had to keep saying that I was absolutely sure I still had a ways to go. 🙂

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