Poem: The Vital Truth

In the fall issue of Pathways magazine there was an article called “The Genius of the Unborn Child by Sarah Farrant. I enjoyed this poem in the article’s sidebar:

The Vital Truth

Nature needs no help

just no interference

It’s best not to interfere with

what is a natural process.

Do you help the grass to grow?

Do you help the sun to rise?

Why is it that people feel compelled

to help a baby grow?

Babies know what to do every time,

all the time, in just the right sequence

and at just the right time to allow the expression of

their limitless potential.

Being pregnant feels like magic and I marvel each day at the unfolding of this whole process without my conscious intention or effort. Really incredible!

One thought on “Poem: The Vital Truth

  1. This pregnancy has felt more magical for me because I have felt the baby move so much more than I ever did with my first. In many ways it is helping Tim as well since we didn’t feel Kaz move much with the placenta in the front.

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