Giveaway: Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

This giveaway is now closed, Amee was the winner. FYI, the longer I use this pillow the more I love it, so make sure to go to the Dreamgenii website and check it out!

Recently, I received a Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support Pillow to review. At 29 weeks pregnant, I am just at the right point to benefit from a pillow like this and I was happy to try it out. Unlike the “traditional” body pillow that many women use during pregnancy, the Dreamgenii is much more streamlined and takes up a lot less room in the bed. It has both a leg and “bump” support cushion in front and a back pillow in the back. This also makes it unique—I like feeling like I’m in a little pillow “nest” without having to bunch up and arrange a lot of individual pillows. The bump/leg support is supposed to support you on your left side. I confess that I actually prefer lying with my back to that side (feels cozy and kind of cradled up) and with my belly leaning on the “back support” part.Β  Another neat thing about this pillow is that it can be used as a breastfeeding support pillow after baby is born!

Luckily for you, you now have a chance to win one of these pillows for yourself! To enter, just leave a comment telling me why you’d like to win the pillow. You can earn bonus entries by sharing the giveaway on your Facebook page or blog (please leave an additional separate comment letting me know you did this so that I know to count you twice).

Giveaway ends Friday, Nov. 12th.

41 thoughts on “Giveaway: Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

  1. I totally need this pillow! I’m 24 weeks along and don’t sleep super well when I’m pregnant. I’m at the best part right now, but still I’m flip-flopping a lot at night to relieve my achey hips.

  2. I wold love one of these. I am about 21 weeks and starting to require some help with comfort.

    I shared this on my facebook page.

  3. I would love it! My husband always makes fun of my pillow fort that I have while in late pregnancy. It says it’s pretty sexy. LOL.

  4. Oh I need this thing now! If I win I’ll probably only need it for a few more weeks. My hips are not liking me sleeping on my side but, on the back and front are right out. 31 weeks and counting.

  5. This pillow looks wonderful. As you described in your review, I am constantly rearranging pillows every night in an attempt to get comfortable. My back kills on a regular basis and it seems to be worse the further I get in the pregnancy. It is a small price to pay, but it would be wonderful to be able to finish the pregnancy without as much pain. I’ll be 26 weeks on Friday πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, I could really use this. Am 18 weeks with my second and having a rough time with sleep. The regular cheap body pillow I used last pregnancy is too puffy for my other kiddo who still sleeps with us. Between his tossing and turning, his continued and frequent night nursings, and being an on-call midwife, I fear I may never sleep again! Thinking this would help. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  7. I would LOVE to win this pillow! I am at 20 weeks with our second, and my traditional body pillow is just NOT cutting it anymore. This is the first pregnancy support pillow that looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

  8. I would really like to get this pillow for my partner. She is 15 weeks pregnant and is having a very difficult time sleeping. She has lower back problems that have become more of an issue in pregnancy. I think this would be an incredible support to her. She would never buy something like this for herself even though it would most likely provide her with so much relief!

  9. That pillow looks AMAZING. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had no fewer than NINE pillows in bed with hubby and I, of various shapes and sizes: the body pillow, the tummy wedge, a small knee pillow and numerous regular pillows. I was still super uncomfortable and needless to say, hubby slept on a 12″ strip of mattress, lol! This would be a godsend for #2!

  10. I just started my 3rd trimester and would love one of these pillows. My pregnancy pillow I liked with my first pregnancy is too flat and bumpy now to be comfortable so I end up fighting with my regular pillows throughout the night adjusting them.

  11. I’m a 61 year old guy and I really need one of these. I have severe sleep apnea so I am a very light sleeper, but it’s not for me. My neighbour is pregnant and is not sleeping well, plus she has a small child who is feeding off of her restlessness at nights and is also not sleeping well. My neighbour is quiet during the night, I wish the same could be said for the child – sadly his restlessness is expressed in tears and crying, which wakes me. So – I really need one of these pillows, so I can give it to my neighbour, so she can sleep, so her child can sleep, so the kid does not cry during the night, so he doesn’t wake me up … So I can get some sleep.

  12. This support pillow would be great for one of my clients. I pray for midwives and support the loving service they give. Everyone get on board and let your state and federal reps know how you feel about birth and the power of a woman’s choice. Thanks! Don’t grow weary doing well.

  13. That pillow looks fabulous! During my last pregnancy, my husband quit sleeping with me because there wasn’t room for him and all my pillows!

  14. I would LOVE to have this pillow!! Ever since I saw that new movie with Jennifer Lopez, I knew I needed a pregnancy pillow, but it was never in the budget, lol.
    I am 30 weeks pregnant and this would be heaven to sleep with!
    I shared with my facebook friends also!

  15. I would love to win this pillow! I have a body pillow from my pregnancy with my son (2 now), and in the time it’s spent in our attic in storage, it has become really dusty and just aggravates my allergies. Nothing I do seems to get the dust out, and I can’t find body pillow cases that are hypoallergenic anywhere! I’m only 12 weeks, and my hips are already starting to ache!

  16. I’d love one of these…I’m 24 weeks and have been having back pain and leg cramps at night! Monday I have to see a chiropractor for (hopefully) some relief, but this pillow would help, too.

  17. Thank you for this giveaway. I am now currently 21 weeks pregnant and have been on bedrest for 4 weeks now. I have a long time to go and have a very difficult time sleeping. The stress of bedrest is bad enough (especially with two small children) and the lack of sleep is really wearing on me. I didn’t have a pregnancy pillow with my first two pregnancy which were both very easy and did as everyone else said and just used numerous pillows. This time, it’s just not cutting it. I have seen really good reviews on this pillow and would like to win it.

    • I hope it comes soon too! I sent the company your address the day after the contest closed. I think maybe I should double-check with them to make sure they actually sent it…

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