Pregnant Friends

Yesterday, I went with my mom and two friends to visit another friend who welcomed her second baby boy into the world in late October. None of us had been to see her since her Mother Blessing ceremony and it was very good to see her baby, to catch up, and to listen to her story. We also brought some food, even though it probably would have been more useful in Nov. rather than Dec.! (Who am I kidding though, don’t all mothers of small children still need postpartum doula and meal assistance even if they’re three YEARS postpartum rather than 6 weeks?! Speaking of which, make sure to read my friend Summer’s recent post on the value of postpartum support.) Anyway, my two friends are pregnant also and so we couldn’t resist the opportunity for some group belly pictures πŸ™‚ My friend S on the left is due in April and then my friend L on the right is due 2 weeks before me (and I’m 33 weeks today!)

Then, of course we had to lift up the shirts for a real belly view πŸ™‚

And, then we bumped bumps πŸ™‚

Speaking of pictures, today I had an official maternity photo shoot with another friend. She took TONS of pictures and I’m really excited to see the finished results! We have family pix, couple pictures, and then me alone as well. It took several hours and we didn’t even take all the pictures we planned for. So, stay tuned for those pictures—they should keep me in posts for quite some time to come!


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