Pregnancy Pictures

During my first pregnancy, my mom took some pictures of me at 37 weeks pregnant:

37w5d, first baby

I like having them and she did a nice job with what we had to work with, but I knew I wanted to do more with my subsequent pregnancies. When I was pregnant with my second, we had a photo session with a local photographer and she took some nice pictures that I’m glad to have:

37weeks, baby #2

She also took the picture I use as my website header, on my FB page, and on my business cards.

During this pregnancy, a friend conveniently and coincidentally decided to open a photography business and she is branching out into pregnancy/maternity pictures. Yesterday, I had a photo shoot with her and I’m happiest with these pictures by far 🙂 She is still working on getting them ready, but here are two that I really like so far:

By K Orozco, Portraits & Paws Photography

33 weeks with Baby Girl

We debated about whether I would be “big” enough at 33 weeks to take pictures then and I think the answer is “yes, I am” ;-D

Make sure to check out Karen’s Facebook page for her business and if you’re local, set up your own appointment!

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