Birth Art: Final Chapter

As I have noted before, this was my most art-making pregnancy. Rather than make birth art just because I like it (I do!), during my most recent pregnancy I used it as a way to work on—or through—various things. I wrote more about this in this post. So, now that my pregnancy has been completed with the powerful birth of my magical tiny daughter, I felt an intense urge to make two final pieces of birth art (that are directly related to my own current experiences, rather than just birth art for birth art’s sake!). Since I pushed her out on my knees and caught her myself and had worked on my pushing fears with birth art previously, I felt like making a new type of crowning mama sculpture. (Yes, her arms are raised and not doing the catching—because it just works better for me to make them with raised arms!)Β  I have also written previously about the labyrinth metaphor for pregnancy and birth and so it seemed fitting to put this mama in the center of the finger labyrinth that my friend made for me as a blessingway gift πŸ™‚ She’s taken her journey and she is birthing her baby!

Crowning mama in the center of the fabric labyrinth that my friend Denise made me for a blessingway gift

And, the logical final sculpture in my “series” is a mama WITH her baby!

This mama is happy to finally have her baby to hold and nurse!

I wish I had put the baby in a sling, so it doesn’t look so much like it is desperately clinging on with no support! I didn’t think of it until today though (I made these last night).

Side view

I actually made this one while nursing my own baby πŸ™‚

And finally, here is a picture of my little treasure trying out the Ergo for the second time today. She looks a little skeptical!

Close enough to kiss!

4 thoughts on “Birth Art: Final Chapter

  1. Congratulations! The baby actually looks a bit like in a sling – the legs bent up and around the moms waist as if supported by sling, and the head is out of the sling to nurse.
    Your blog has been a great inspiration to me – I love it!

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