Return to the Mother

In my recent blog post about waters breaking, I mentioned a chant/song with a refrain of “the waters are breaaaaking! All over the world…” A doula commented on that post and was curious to know the rest of the words to the song. The chant is called “Return to the Mother” and is on the CD Chants by Reclaiming. As I read over the words it actually feels kind of like a neat birth song (and like I said in the other post, I wish I would have remembered it in labor!):

Return to the Mother


All over the world,
The waters are breaking.
Everywhere, everywhere
The waters are breaking.


And so return,
Return, return,
Return to the Mother…

Perhaps if it was a birth song, the word “return” could be changed to something else—representing “come out and meet your mother!” 🙂

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