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I’ve mentioned before that I was disappointed not to have any birth pictures from my last baby. What I do have is quite a few labor pictures and I want to share them in a post since labor pictures don’t often get as much “glory” as birth pictures 🙂 I didn’t have any birth pictures with my first son either, though we have several immediately after as was my preference at the time. I have two labor pictures with him, this one, taken in fairly early labor:

Trying to decide whether or not this is it!

Then, my mom took this one of me after I got out of the shower. I was going to try to go to bed, because the birth center staff seemed pretty sure I wasn’t really in labor and should just get some rest. This picture was taken about 5-6 hours before he was born:

With my second son, my mom took a great series of birth pictures as he was emerging. They’re really good and step by step as he comes out—however, the angle is a very direct “rear view” that I don’t feel comfortable putting on the internet! With that birth, there is only one picture from the actual labor (and, it is a nice active labor picture that isn’t too graphic and it has actually been printed in several publications):

About 30 minutes before giving birth to second baby

I like how you can see all of my older son’s playdoh creations in the foreground. That’s homebirth for you!

With my daughter, my mom took a series of labor pictures and while I’m sad not to have birth pictures too, I like the story that these pictures tell:

Taken during the morning of birthing day–wanted one last “belly picture” of pregnancy.

Spent a lot of time on the ball with Mark at my side

My birth nest is all ready! (on floor outside bathroom) Notice that my birth altar is set up nearby.

More time on the ball…

Proving I can still smile one hour before she is born! (+ advertising my alma mater)

Accidentally got trapped on floor in horrible and painful position.

The closer I get to having a baby, the nearer to the floor I get (hands and knees is right for me)

Switched into ridiculous too-small PJ shirt right before pushing.

She’s here! Closest thing to a birth picture that we got.

First nursing

10 thoughts on “Labor Pictures

  1. “Accidentally got trapped on floor in horrible and painful position” cracked me up. I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, but … I don’t know. There’s something lovely and hilarious and true about how *ordinary* labor and birth are, when they’re also so surreal and sacred. Like, here’s a miracle, and crap–I’ve somehow gotten myself stuck in a weird position!

    • LOL! 🙂 I ended up in that exact same position twice during the labor–it was a “sitting on the floor between contractions, getting up to lean on ball during them” mid-point, where I would get “trapped” before making it all the way up to the ball. It was shockingly immobilizing.

  2. You have some wonderful pictures. After realizing I had no pictures of labor or birth of my first baby (I had a couple after she was born but that was about it) I enlisted two sisters to take pictures of everything for my second. I love having so many pictures to look over and help preserve different moments from the event. For my third I had even less pictures than with my first which has always made me a little sad. I love the words of birth stories and write mini novels about each one but love the pictures too and miss them when I don’t have them. I’ve been known to wish I could take pictures of my labors and deliveries because then I might get the moments I want saved on film. I’m working on writing a list of shots that I feel to be important (the way my husband and I work together, the tools or techniques I use, the concentration/work I put into the event are a few items on that list so far). I feel that my personal birth team needs my husband, my doula (so far filled by my mother), my photographer and my care provider (though that one doesn’t feel as vital some days 😉 ). Sorry to ramble you obviously hit on a special subject for me 😉 thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Steph! I felt happy looking back through them to make this post. My mom also got some good post-birth pictures from this birth. I hope you get just what you want photo-wise this time! There is a certain *feel* one can get from pictures, rather than just a written account.

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  5. Does a birth ball help very much? With all my labors, it seemed like almost everything was shockingly immobilizing. :/ It gets to the point sometimes where I am scared to even change my position between contractions, for fear of getting “stuck” in something worse.

    • Birth ball helps a LOT! I really recommend them. I used one a lot during my first labor and my last labor. Really good tool!

      I received your book and have begun reading it–I have several others going at the same time, so it may take me a while to finish. Your journey is an interesting one! 🙂

  6. Awww. Thanks so much! Take your time!

    Maybe I should consider the birth ball next time. I seem to have such a low tolerance for dealing with almost anything that stimulates while in labor, so I do wonder how I would react, but I’m trying to keep an open mind and figure things out. 🙂

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