New Pictures!

I took Alaina for a 9 month photo shoot with my friend Karen (of Portraits and Paws Photography) who also took my pregnancy photos. I really have fun getting high quality pictures that capture what our lives are like. She is able to catch expression, details, and feeling in a way that I can’t usually do with snapshots. So, even though we were thoroughly exhausted from having just returned from my sister-in-law’s wedding near Chicago), I’m really glad we did another photo shoot!

Here are a couple of my favorites from the day, including one of each of my boys (lest you think I only get pictures taken of the baby!):

(c) Karen Orozco

This one might be my favorite--I see this little face all the time, but have never really preserved it in a picture (she always looks away, it is blurry, whatever).

(c) Karen Orozco

Became very obsessed with this candy cane

What a cutie! (note, still has some candy cane)

My biggest boy!

My little Z! (He's got some pretty amazing eyelashes/eyes too!)

We're going to try to get some better family shots another day. This was at the end of the shoot and all were tired. I like it anyway though. I also think it somehow looks like a lot of kids and only one mom!

I thought this one was a cute one of me--A looks done with pictures though (and, still has some candy cane)

One thought on “New Pictures!

  1. I don’t know how it was for you, but I was shocked Karen (a.k.a. photographer extraordinaire) was able to get *any* pictures of Milo. They’re so FAST!
    They look great. 🙂

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