Top Ten Things I Love About Having a Baby

The winter holiday season remains linked with pregnancy loss for me. This time last year, I was entering the final stretch of my pregnancy-after-loss journey and feeling so hopeful that I would have a happy ending to my loss story. This time two years ago, I was reeling from Noah’s birth and it was so very difficult to experience the holidays without being pregnant after all. I feel like this whole first year with Alaina has represented another “circuit” in the labyrinth of pregnancy loss, pregnancy-after-loss, and then new baby. I feel like I have to make another complete “round” of the year, passing through all of those significant dates and milestones that I experienced first as a post-loss mama and as a PAL mama, but getting to take another lap, this time holding my new baby. Each time I pass another date, I feel almost like waving—here we gotogether!

So, in this time of thanksgiving, I want to share the

Top Ten Things I Love About Having a Baby


Should have had Karen take a picture of the back of A's neck for me--as it is, this is the best I could do!

  1. Morning lounge-nursing
  2. The bent back of her neck as she seriously examines something.
  3. The way she rides on my hip and snuggles her head in on my shoulder.
  4. Being a little person’s one and only–the most loved and most desired companion. (To be fair, this is one of the hard parts too. It can be exhausting to be needed most of the day and night.)
  5. How curious she is and how quickly she notices something new–and how closely and seriously she studies and examines and explores it.
  6. Babywearing.
  7. Her fuzzy hair. Smelling her head.
  8. How she meets my eyes across the room, or while nursing, or in any instance when she is surprised or startled, or even just noticing something—she checks it out with her home base. It is an honor to be so trusted.
  9. Experiencing the thrill of discovery through her eyes.
  10. Having a baby! Being one of the babymamas. Being a mamatoto. It just feels really right to have a baby on my hip and at my breast.

Trusting gaze

Big girl! (but checking in to see if all is well--she's looking at me in this picture).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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