Year End Wordle

I’m working on a 2011 year-end summary post and it is taking me longer to do than I anticipated. So, for now, a delightful year-end Wordle image instead. I just love these! So much fun to see what you’ve been talking about for a year. It was important to me that the Wordle represent my whole year’s worth of blog posts, rather than just the most recent page which is how it automatically works. So, I used the wonders of BlogBooker to turn the last year’s worth of posts into a book and then copied and pasted that text into Wordle for a full-year’s image. (Side note: Guess how many pages the blogbook was…409. Whoa. No wonder I’m having trouble choosing what to put into a year in review post ;-D)


4 thoughts on “Year End Wordle

  1. I have always loved the shapes of words. I studied as a vocal musician in college and spent many hours teasing over how each consonant shaped it’s nearby vowel and blended into a phrase that had shape and direction. I am inspired to see what shape wordle and BlogBooker will make of my words. Words as art, art as words.

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