Birthday Girl!

At Alaina’s birth time today at 11:15 a.m. I walked our little front yard labyrinth with her while listening to our special song. We got to the middle (and Lann took a picture) and I said, “my baby is here! She’s here! She’s one now!” I also repeated my immediate post-birth comments. Then, we walked out again and I held her up to the sky and she laughed. Then, she directed me with pointing and leaning and uh’ing over to Noah’s tree and put her hand on his plaque. (Lest this sound too shockingly cosmic, I still go out to the tree periodically and put my hand on it, so she knows that is something we do.) It was a nice moment. 20120119-230847.jpg

Then, she went for some rides on the hammock swing with Lann!
Then, she decided she wanted to swing in the blue swing too!


Looks like a big toddler girl in this picture!

After nap time, it was time for a visit from Baba and Tom and time for some presents! She liked hugging her new Raggedy Ann from aunt Nancy:


Then, cowboy cake made by Baba


And, mmmm, some ice cream too!

It was a fun day with our little ONE year old!

One thought on “Birthday Girl!

  1. I’m enjoying getting caught up since i wasn’t on FB and getting the links. Happy Birthday happy sweet baby girl!!! awwwww. Love. Molly what love, joy and happiness you have. I’m so thankful you share it here. I love reading about happiness and love. So sweet about Noah’s tree and touch. ❤

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