Elemental Polymer Clay Goddesses

Several months ago when I was experimenting with polymer clay goddess pendants, I also made four sculptures symbolizing earth, air, water, and fire. I used gemstones for the belly of each figure. (I’ve not used stones in any sculptures after these, because I don’t know that the mixed media quite works in the manner in which I originally envisioned.)

I also made this goddess (non-pregnant) for a friend who was experiencing a lot of stress and upheaval in her life. I was trying to communicate that she is powerful and strong, always. The figure is holding up a pink gemstone to symbolize the sparkle of new beginnings.


Earth sculpture:


Air sculpture:


Fire, water, air, earth:


The elemental goddesses with the new beginnings figure flanked by two attempts at pendants. (I actually really like the pendants and enjoy wearing them, even though they are kind of big/clunky and tend to twist to one side/be unbalanced on a chain.)


(I’m inordinately proud of myself when I manage to completely construct a post using my iPad)

Past birth art posts

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