What a nice day!

Perhaps it is just a coincidence or simply due to the fact that Alaina took a lovely nap, but this no-Facebook retreat certainly seemed productive today! I decluttered/re-organized the hall closet, wrote two essays for one of my doctoral classes (the last two in this class as I already turned in my final paper earlier in the week), wrote a new blog post (and now this one), caught up on posts with my online classes, graded ALL my midterms (extra thanks to my parents for letting the kids visit for an extra 30 minutes so I could finish the last three), and made homemade spinach and mozzarella focaccia for dinner. Oh, and I did three loads of laundry too and made Nutella cocoa and later “Christmas crunch” candy. The boys worked on their movie, set up a Lord of the Rings scene with little toys, cleaned the living room, played with playdough, drew pictures, planned their party, and danced with Alaina while listening the radio. They also ate large quantities of mini pancakes. Alaina mashed playdough all over floor, human can-openered the lid off the vinegar, tried to get in the fridge, begged to go outside in the rain, gleefully watched small stray puppy eat some table scraps outside, tried to catch kitties, helped me poke the fire, nursed to sleep in Ergo, took nice nap, put playmobil into a houseplant, showed how big she was by picking up the footstool, sneaked into brothers’ room and collected small objects, had a bath, and whacked self in face with a toy horse making a bloody scratch/hole in eyebrow.

20120203-221512.jpg Showing eyebrow scratch.


Taking a nursing break in the closet I was cleaning.

Still haven’t done any work on the crocheted Yodas…

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