300 Things

Step out onto the Planet

Draw a circle a hundred feet round

Inside the circle are

300 things nobody understands, and, maybe

nobody’s ever really seen.

How many can you find?

–Lew Welch

I’ve almost finished reading the book Earth Prayers and the above is one of my favorites from the book. It was actually the first one I randomly opened to when I first got the book last year and then it jumped out at me again this week (when I finally got to it in sequential order).

I’ve had some exhausting days with Alaina lately. She’s getting four molars and is super whiny as well as just generally a “baby on wheels,” constantly wanting to move and grab and get and explore. I feel worn out—body, brain, and spirit. However, earlier this week, I went outside with her to play in the rain and I think I found some of those 300 things:


Noah's tree bloomed again!

Alaina specifically picked a spot on the deck where the rain was dripping through the gutter and stood under the drips experimenting with the feeling of getting dripped on.


Look at those great arm segments, as well as the little hands thinking about catching raindrops.


This is one of her faces that I most love--she does this fabulous little head-cocked-to-one-side-question-look that is ADORABLE!


Baby on wheels running in the rain! See that face? Those little feet?


Literally a baby on wheels now. I love watching her climb onto her little bike. It is a lot of work for short legs, but she does it.


Another one of her best faces--little squinchy, "eee" face!


A better look at that cute little squinched up "being bratty" face!


Hey! Mama has a face too!


Check out the baby curls. And, check out the "challenge" stand and also Z's defensive face...she is fond of wrecking just about everything they do lately.


Mama collapsed in toddler induced exhaustion on the floor. Then, I got jumped on. Her expression is that grating, "eeehhhh" sound that she is making that drills through my skull.

There are women who make things better…
simply by showing up.
There are women who make things happen.
There are women who make their way.
There are women who make a difference.
And women who make us smile.
There are women of wit and wisdom who –
through strength and courage –
make it through.
There are women who change the world everyday…
Women like you.

~ Lisa Young

Then, today, after feeling again like I was being drained in body, mind, and spirit and feeling frustrated, annoyed, and headachy (I swear the tone of voice she uses drills straight into my brain and saps my life force!), I went outside and took a 300 things walk with her. It was wonderful.


My favorite dogwood tree bloomed. I love how this one is shaped like a tree that should be in front of a Japanese temple.

After admiring this tree, I lamented how we don’t have any pretty redbud trees in our woods. Then, my 300 things eyes snapped like a magnet into the woods beyond this dogwood and lo and behold there WAS a redbud there. We walked down to it and I took a close up picture of one branch:20120323-221107.jpg


The profile! Look at the glee of being outside.

Earlier in the week I also mentioned how I didn’t have any violets and should dig some up to transplant from my mom’s house. Well, look what happens when you go on a 300 things walk? It turns out there are plenty of violets right next to our front porch.


This is one of my favorite pictures that I took on our walk.


Friendly hound. Earlier was licking butter off my skirt (Alaina is fond of eating straight butter)




Approaching priestess rocks in wood--I love this overlook.


Looking like most precious ragamuffin ever to be found standing on the rocks in the woods!


Love that I accidentally caught both the reaching, straining arm and the pointing, desirous finger!


Looking a little stormy. Have I mentioned how I love these woods?

I sat on the rocks and noticed a blue jay flying in the woods. I thought about how many things live their lives in these woods without anyone even noticing. I thought about how there was only one redbud on the whole hillside. Then, looked to my right and suddenly there was another redbud I had overlooked before. And, another blue jay flew above it…

How many can you find?

9 thoughts on “300 Things

  1. Lovely…thank you Molly for taking the time to share your photos, Alain’a delight and your thoughts with us.

  2. I love the idea of a 300 things walk…right up my alley (or woodland track, perhaps!) I will be doing that with my little ones next time we are needing a shift. You live in a beautiful place, by the way.

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