I’m a winner!

A couple of weeks ago, Kristin from Birthing Beautiful Ideas shared a giveaway of a lovely wire wrapped tree pendant from Home Baby Crafts. I’d never heard of them before, but the pendant was gorgeous so I became a Facebook fan and entered the giveaway, as did several of my own Facebook friends when they saw me clicking that “like” button. I am a fan of a lot of Facebook pages and because of the intricacies and oddities of how FB chooses to show information, I don’t necessarily see all the stuff from all the pages that I want to see. The following week, I got a mysterious FB message from my husband’s aunt just saying, “you won!” I dismissed it as Facebook spam of some kind. Three days later, another mysterious message came, saying only, “did you see that you won?” I got ready to delete that message too, thinking, I’ve got to write to her and tell her that her account is sending me spam messages, but when I went to her page to do so, I noticed that Home Baby Crafts was a liked page we had in common. I thought about that lovely tree pendant…could that be what her Facebook messages were about?! I quickly went to Home Baby Crafts and oh my goodness, the page owner was doing a “final call”—i.e. “Molly Remer is the grand prize winner, does anyone know her? I will re-draw another winner.” Oh my! I leaped to respond and to send my address, etc. (discovering in the process that Cassandra from Home Baby Crafts had indeed messaged me to let me know of my winning nature, but that FB had routed it to the nearly invisible “other” folder that I never look in).

Anyway, yesterday it arrived and it is thoroughly, awesomely gorgeous. I love it!


I’m wearing it when I teach tonight!

Cassandra also makes these totally cool baby-in-the-womb pendants too:

I want one!

But, speaking of teaching, look at this person who is modeling her new pendant…does she look 100%?


NOOOOOO! I have had a little cold and now I’ve ended up with laryngitis. It didn’t really hit me until yesterday afternoon after having fun visiting my friend at the pool. If she wasn’t so much fun to talk to, I might still have my voice! ;-D I’ve taught with laryngitis before and it was pretty much totally sucky, but I DID IT. It looks like I’m going to be doing so again in about two hours (for a five hour class). I’d SO rather not. It was embarrassing, frustrating, uncomfortable, and just generally awful to do it before and I was totally cool with that being a one time experience.

At least I can rest in the assurance that I’m a winner. And, wear a fabulous new necklace. That helps!

Also, in a fun little twist, I think the necklace looks like it was custom-made to go with the beautiful new logo we have for our local birth network:

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