Woman-Centered Collaboration

I’ve posted a couple of times about a collaboration with the Women’s Health in Women’s Hands launch of the feminist women’s health classic Woman-Centered Pregnancy and Childbirth as a pdf version for free online. When I wrote my What to Expect post based on Woman-Centered Childbirth in 2009, I had no idea that one of the authors of the book would later find me on the internet, let alone distribute postcards at the National Rally for Change in Los Angeles containing a quote from me and link to my site. As I’ve said several times lately, I just love the internet. It is amazing to me that these types of connections and collaborations can occur over long distances and without face-to-face contact. Very cool!

Anyway, this week I received a promo launch packet for the online release of the book. It includes two printouts from my own website and the re-formatted flier based on my blog post, as well as a folder and postcards.

And, then I took picture of the packet and included my own vintage copy of the original Woman-Centered Childbirth book 🙂
20121008-164812.jpgThis has been a fun link between past and present activism and between a foremother in birth activism and my current self!

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