Self-Care and the Wild Free Beautiful You Telesummit!

Shortly after writing about my blog break festival and my need for rest and self-care, I got an email about the upcoming Wild Free Beautiful You telesummit. It features several speakers that I already read and follow…and, the basic version is FREE. I signed up. And, I decided to splurge and actually paid for one of the upgraded packages that includes recordings of the sessions and some other bonuses. Last year I participated in the Wilde Tribe event and really enjoyed the sessions I was able to attend. I later felt regretful about not having paid for the expanded version that included the recordings of the sessions, because there were several topics I really would have liked to revisit, as well as topics that I missed entirely. So, this year I decided to go for it!

Here is the call to participate…

I know how hard it is to wake up frustrated by fatigue. I’ve been there. I’ve had an inner imbalance I couldn’t seem to steady, and I know how it feels to worry that the glow in your life has burned out.

But you don’t have to live that life anymore.

I’m about to give you FREE access to the most life-changing event I’ve heard about in awhile: A Wild, Free, Beautiful You. This amazing telesummit comes from my colleague Willow Love, who is bringing together 15 empowered and impassioned women to light your path to healing, total transformation, and a re-introduction to the sacred goddess inside of you.

Their magical monologues will each open with a ritual of commitment to yourself as you step into a whole new and heightened level of inspiration and lust for the one, the only, the exquisite life that is yours to live and to create each day.

This gathering is calling to you if:

· You feel an un-nameable, deep longing that you can’t quite put your finger on.

· You’re exhausted by day upon day of routine living.

· Looking in the mirror, you feel overweight, underweight, or just uncomfortable in your own skin

· You long to feel more sexy, feminine, and shine in your own special way.

· There’s a wild woman inside you who beats a drum, dances a fire dance, and needs to retreat to the red tent every 28 days or so.

· A vital part of you stays hidden… a part that family and even friends don’t really understand.

· You want to feel fierce, fearless and free, but every day stress and health issues keep dragging you down

This unique event will blend dizzying levels of inspiration with practical tools for immediate use, and provide a range of ritual and mediation experiences to empower you in your transformation.

I invite you to take this step now, not only for yourself – but for the world that is calling you into your power.

Click here to learn more and receive FREE instant access.

Disclosure: Affiliate links included in images. No further financial relationship.

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