Holistic Women’s Health Emissary Training

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Calling all Inspired Women, Life Coaches, Nutritionists, Bodyworkers, Massage Therapists, Dance Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Health Educators, Birthworkers, Holistic Health Professionals, Women’s…

“The Holistic Women’s Health Emissary Training Curriculum Includes:
Part 1: Ecstatic Women’s Cycles

Conscious Anatomy and Geometry for Women’s Health
The Power of a Women’s Womb for Manifestation & Abundance
The Spirit of Our Womb Health for Sensuality & HealthWomb Breathing and Meditation for Healing and AbundanceFertility Awareness & Natural Menstrual Health
The Womb’s Important Role in the Wisdom Years
Our Blood Mysteries as Rites of Passage for the Ecstatic Feminine…”

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I’m really intrigued by this training program and I’m toying with the idea of signing up for it! I have a tendency to be somewhat of a training addict though. My first training/certification was as a breastfeeding educator. I followed that with postpartum doula training, LLL Leadership, childbirth educator certification (first with ALACE and then later I also certified with ICEA and CAPPA), and birth doula training. I’m certified as a prenatal fitness educator and trained as a prenatal yoga teacher. I’ve also trained as a birth art facilitator with Birthing from Within. How many of these things am I actually doing?! Ah yes, good point…

BUT! I don’t think education is ever “wasted” and I am informed in my life and writing by all of my past trainings (and, as I re-read my list above I see that in some form or another, I actually AM still doing almost all of these things currently). Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m kind of transitioning away from exclusively doing birth work and into “whole women’s life cycle” work and have been for a while now. I still haven’t written a blog post about it, but I became ordained as a priestess in July and I’m focusing a lot of energy on that work now—on women’s rites of passage and on ritual and ceremony planning/facilitation. I feel like this holistic women’s health program may be a bridge between the two…

That said, this is actually just a total experiment in making a blog post via ScoopIt. Did it work?!

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