Be Wild

I’m in the process of finally setting up my etsy store to sell some of my one-of-kind polymer clay birth sculptures. As I do so, I’ve been “hearting” away on all the other stores I like there and I re-came across Mamacita Beadworks, home of two of what used to be my favorite necklaces.

Meet Mamacita and Rosalita…

mamacitaAren’t they grand? From these lovelies, my sons learned the word, “sassy.” I told them, I love these because they are such sassy mamas and when I wear them I feel strong and sassy too! However, as I’ve written about before, I have a very deep “jewelry memory,” in that I often use jewelry to mark significant moments in my life, to communicate certain messages, and to remind myself of things or serve as touchstones. Because of this, sad occasions may also become inextricably linked to jewelry as well. These two were my favorite necklaces before miscarriage. After miscarriage, they made me feel like a naïve, pathetic fool. I could hardly stand looking at them. And so, gorgeous, sassy Mamacita and Rosalita and all of my beautiful glass belly necklaces that I used to love so much got put away in the bottom of my jewelry box and I’ve not worn them for about three years. But then…thanks to Etsy, something changed yesterday because in the Mamacita Beadworks I saw THIS…

wildness This pendant is one that I think of as my “be wild” pendant, because on the back is engraved, “the call of the wild is not a difficult song” and that makes me think of a Women Who Run with the Wolves quote: “Be wild, that is how to clear the river” (see prior post). I had no idea that this pendant was made by the same artist as Mamacita and Rosalita, because I didn’t buy this one from Etsy, I bought this pendant from the MANA booth at the ICAN conference in St. Louis when I was pregnant with Alaina. (Obviously, I’m attracted to certain artists without having any clue that they’re one and the same.) So, suddenly I felt this before miscarriage and after miscarriage jewelry memory link that felt significant.

Today, I put on Rosalita and Be Wild. And, I feel a little sassy…

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