Gingerbirth, Gingermamas…

I’m either officially a creative genius, or have officially gone off the deep end. On our family fun snow day, we made salt dough ornaments and these were mine:

December 2013 004Pretty sweet, eh? After making them, I shared them on Facebook where they received a favorable reception. So, today…I thought, why not go for polymer clay and make some holiday pins? I spent WAY too long working on these and I also had a ton of fun (near catastrophe with falling objects in the closet notwithstanding as I frantically searched for my pasta roller to get the thickness right!). Behold, Gingerbirth Mama:

December 2013 008And her friends:

Large and small:

And, the manic crafter demo’ing the pin-possibilities:

December 2013 017

cropDecember 2013 019

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