Completed Pottery Clay Belly Bowl!


In mid-October I posted about the belly bowl project my mom was working on for me. As I noted, it had multiple possible points of failure—beginning with whether we could get it out of the belly cast mold (we could!), then with whether it would dry without cracking (it dried!), and then whether it would fire the first time without exploding. It survived the first firing and I shared this picture on Facebook:

So, after this, my mom glazed it and fired it again (there is a lot of work involved with pottery that goes way beyond the initial clay work!) and yesterday she brought it over.

IMG_9780 IMG_9779

I love it! I think it is amazing and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. We quickly took some pictures with Tanner in it, since the time is rapidly expiring in which he would fit for a photo opportunity. (Speaking of Tanner, he is already 9lbs and 21 inches now. Since this is slightly smaller than my largest baby was, he still, technically, could fit and be a newborn!)


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