Small Business Saturday: Birth Altars, Birth Jewelry, and Babywearing.

As thank you to our Brigid’s Grove customers, we’re offering free shipping for United States customers in our etsy shop on almost everything in our shop through December 1st. For our international customers, we have a thank you discount code for 10% off: SMALLBIZSATURDAY.

We made our first ever Etsy treasuries this week! The first is about birth altars:

Setting up a birth altar in preparation for labor can be very meaningful. Creating your own art to add to the altar is very special, but so is finding handmade items on Etsy that speak powerfully to the birth experience or to your plans for your birth!

via Birth Altar Art by Molly and Mark on Etsy.


The second is about birth jewelry!

Many women choose a special pendant or charm to use as a focal point during labor. A birth pendant serves as a special touchstone/talisman during pregnancy and through birthing as well. It can be a powerful point of connection, strength, & inspiration!

via Birth Jewelry by Molly and Mark on Etsy.

IMG_8810Our babywearing mama sculpture was featured in a blog post about gift ideas for babywearers too:

No worries, I’ve got you covered with this great list of 13 Gifts Under $39 from Etsy – gifts that would appeal to any babywearer. That’s right – go ahead and check that babywearer off your gift list because you’ve nailed it. You are the best gift giver ever. And don’t worry, I’ll totally let you take the credit.

via 13 Gifts Under $39 for Babywearers | tea for three.

IMG_9350And, I enjoyed this treasury of Alternative Holiday Ideas from The Girl God on Facebook!IMG_0576

We finished a couple of new sculptures this week as well (we’ve been very productive considering we also have a four-week old baby!). We have some of our miscarriage mama goddesses finished and some of our Embrace Possibilities design in sculpture form as well. These are a little taller than our usual figures, about four inches instead of three.

IMG_0545 IMG_0551

I also revised and digitally published my Earthprayer, Birthprayer, Lifeprayer, Womanprayer book of earth-based poetry.

earthprayer cover

And, now I’m going back to taking some time off to babymoon and snuggle!








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