World Doula Week!

IMG_3704Happy World Doula Week! In addition to offering 15% off on all items in our shop through March 28 (code: DOULAWEEK), we’re pleased to have contributed some prizes to the Improving Birth Project in honor of Doula Week this year. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for details on how to contribute your story about your doula for their World Doula Week campaign.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to Soul Shine Mama, Tanya Malcolm, who is doing a neat free series with some of the world’s top doulas!

And, here are a couple of past posts about doulas for your reading enjoyment…

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Pewter Birth Partners Sculpture Pendant, Necklace (pregnant, fertility, doula, midwife, mother, birth art, birthing)“I believe that this is one of the important things about preparation for childbirth–that it should not simply superimpose a series of techniques, conditioned responses to stimuli, on the labouring woman, but that it can be a truly creative act in which she spontaneously expresses herself and the sort of person she is. Education for birth consists not, as some would have it, of ‘conditioning,’ but aims at giving a woman the means by which she can express her own personality creatively in childbirth.”

–Sheila Kitzinger via More Thoughts on Birth as a Creative Process | Talk Birth.

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