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Baby Carriers

During the last week of my classes, I usually talk briefly about different types of baby carriers. I bring along a pouch (New Native), an adjustable pouch (Mamma’s Milk), a sling (Maya Wrap), a mei tai (I made), and my Ergo (structured soft pack). I enjoy each of these carriers for different reasons, but if I had to pick one for a favorite, it would have to be my Ergo. I love that thing (still use it occasionally with my 2.5 year old). We wore it hard and often and it is a little worse for wear now. I’m a huge fan.

I just saw a contest to win an Ergo on the Northwest Mom Finds blog. Check it out here.

There is another contest here at the babywearing blog Along for the Ride.

And, there is a contest to win a Second Womb ring sling on this blog (which is where I learned of the two contests above). My first baby LIVED in a ring sling. I used to think I would actually die without it. I know that sounds extreme, but I would carry him in it almost all day and as I did so, I would occasionally think to myself, “what if I didn’t have this sling?” My answer: “I might die.” (I may have been dealing with a little PPD, in hindsight!)

Speaking of baby carriers, we are lucky enough to have a newly opened local store in the Rolla/St. James area that sells various baby carriers.