New, Free Breastfeeding Guide from LLLI!

La Leche League International has completely redone their catalog–the layout and appearance have received a stunning makeover and the result is a beautiful new “pocket guide” called “Breastfeeding Guide: tips & products.” So, instead of being a catalog, it is actually a helpful little booklet first and a catalog second (the products come in the second half of the booklet, after the tips. 26 pages of questions answered and then 25 pages of catalog–pocket sized though, so maybe 3 x 5?). For being so small, it covers a remarkable amount of territory and gives lots of good information–from “How often will my baby nurse?” to “When will baby sleep all night?” to “Is it possible to breastfeed twins?” It is a great little *book* not just a catalog. I love it and think it was a stroke of genius to reach out this way! The format is inspired (and inspiring!)

Childbirth educators, doulas, and lactation consultants wishing to acquire many of these Guides in bulk to distribute to their clients can do so for only the cost of shipping! ($5.41 for 50 little books!) Go to the LLLI online store to order some. They really are a lovely and useful resource!

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