The Birth Art Journey Continues

This weekend I made two more additions to my series of birth art sculptures that I began during my last pregnancy.

Since A spends a lot of time in a pouch, I added this slingin’ mama to my collection:

And, just as I initially made a polymer clay birth goddess figure to incorporate the “pregnant woman” identity into my life, I wanted to make a non-pregnant figure (who isn’t holding a baby) to represent my return to the nonpregnant identity:

I also made some new pregnant figures for two upcoming mother blessings for friends. In a way, these too are a continuation of my series, since the cycle of life continues in other women after my own “return.” Here are my four new figures all together:

And now, here is my full birth art series from my pregnancy with Alaina, all lined up together representing my journey:

The first figure represents my incorporation of the pregnant identity. The second figure is a representation of my sense of being in the labyrinth of pregnancy. The third figure was created to help me work with my fear/concern about pushing the baby out. She was my most powerful figure and served as a source of strength to me. The fourth figure is an image of my actual experience pushing my baby out (I was kneeling, which is why she is kneeling). The fifth figure is the transition to nursing mama and then the final two figures are those I describe above.

And, finally, here is my series of figures plus my pregnant friends 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Birth Art Journey Continues

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      • They are BEAUTIFUL! I am currently training to be doula and we each need to find something that helps “ground” us. I would be so honored to carry one of these with me.

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