Giveaway: Aloe Cadabra

This giveaway is now closed. Kelly D. was the winner!

As a breastfeeding counselor and a childbirth educator, I get occasional questions from new mothers about what to use as an “all natural” personal lubricant. So, my attention was caught when I received an email from the company, Aloe Cadabra. They note the following:

New moms have a lot of things to juggle – care for a newborn, altered sleep patterns, returning to work, etc.  As women navigate their new routines and new “normal” life, many struggle with one piece of this pie – resuming sexual intimacy with their partners.  With pregnancy and childbirth affecting the hormonal balance of a woman’s body, many new moms face challenges in their postnatal sexual health.  A pilot study carried out by St George’s Hospital Medical School in London reports that 3 months after delivery, 39% of women experience vaginal dryness.

As a result, many women turn to mainstream personal lubricant products found at a local drugstore to help bring the spark back to the post-baby bedroom.  If these personal products are on the shelves, then they must be safe to use, right?  Wrong – these readily available products contain the same ingredients found in antifreeze, food preservatives and cleaning solutions – obviously bad for both your body and the environment.

Aloe Cadabra has developed an all-natural, certified organic product made from 95% organic aloe and enriched with Vitamin E.  This first and only plant-based intimate moisturizer is pH balanced for a women’s body, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.  Aloe Cadabra is fully absorbed into the skin as it is used, so there is no gooey, sticky mess, and it’s compatible with condoms.

Parents are wisely cautious and educate themselves on products that come in contact with their baby’s body…Doesn’t a mom deserve the same caution?

One reader can win a bottle of Aloe Cadabra simply by leaving a comment on this giveaway! I will close the giveaway next Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

15 thoughts on “Giveaway: Aloe Cadabra

  1. I would like to try this. I am unhappy with traditional products and would love to try an all-natural alternative.

  2. Oh! Seeing as I just gave birth 3 weeks ago, and the time to resume, er, activities is quickly approaching… We could really use this…

  3. Like Barbara above, I am menopausal and would love a natural alternative to the commercial products available in the local stores.

  4. Wow I can’t believe the other stuff has the same ingredients as found in anti-freeze and cleaning solutions. I use organic and natural cleaning products in our house and yet I was using the chemical stuff that I try to avoid in my toilet as a personal lubricant yuck!!! Will be throwing that out asap – so would love to win this

  5. I would love to try this! I almost didn’t enter, cuz truth be told, I NEVER win anything, but it only takes a second to type a comment, eh? What’s to lose? 🙂

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