Kiva Woman with Womb Labyrinth

Today, a friend told me that she searched google images for “womb labyrinth” and mine were some of the first images to come up. I thought that was kind of fun and decided to post another labyrinth drawing I did a couple of years ago. She was posted on my now defunct birth art blog (need to move some of that content over here!) and I think she deserves a post here as well. Inspired by Birthing from Within, of course, this “kiva woman” (based on the BfW cover image) is contemplating her upcoming birth journey:

Kiva Woman & Womb Labyrinth

She’s approaching her “threshold moment” and getting ready to enter the “laborinth” of birth. Her baby is waiting for her in the center. I have several friends who are preparing to enter their own “laborinths” and I hope their birth paths are filled with beauty, peace, and power…

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