Breastfeeding with Comfort & Joy Book

One of my fellow birth bloggers, the fabulous Kathy of Woman-to-Woman CBE is celebrating her 100,000 hits with a giveaway. She is giving away a copy of the new book Breastfeeding with Comfort & Joy, which looks like a real treasure. I hope I get a chance to read it someday soon. Kathy also has a review of the book on her site.

Speaking of fun blog giveaways, the Hypnobabies blog is also having a giveaway (I’m late posting about it though–it ends tomorrow, so hurry up!). Their giveaway is for a Hypnosis for an Easy Pregnancy CD. I know several Hypnobabies educators online and they have such a wonderfully positive and affirming perspective about birth. It is really exciting and refreshing.

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